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Hey ResourcesPoint Users, If you want to be published and if you want to contribute in our initiative to help others with free education and learning. You can share your code of any technology or any knowledgeable books with us

Each of your contribution will be analysed and will be published with your name and profile after it’s selection.

How it’ll help the contributor

Your name and profile will be be there at Send Us Your Code where anyone who wants anything will approach the contributor. You can get projects to. We’ve over 50 Thousand + weekly views. The community of learners and companies is so high. It totally depends on you whether you want to help or get helped by your own skills with Send Us Your Code .

Send us your work and projects at our email

Email :

What should your Email Composed of

  1. Your Project name
  2. Mini Documentation
    1. Summary
    2. Problem Statement
    3. Gap Analysis
    4. Use Cases
    5. Project technologies information
    6. Language used in Your Project
    7. Purpose.
  3. Your Email
  4. Github or Linkedin Profile.
  5. Your Contact ( Not Mandatory )
  6. Project File – Drive Link ( Not Mandatory )
  7. Code ( Mandatory ) .






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