React and Redux Fundamentals

React and Redux : Fundamentals

React and Redux Fundamentals- Learn React, Redux, Webpack, Redux-Form, MongoDB, Express, Node… Lots of practical exercises and Two Apps from ZERO!

Created by Leonardo Moura Leitao
Last updated 6/2019

What Will I Learn?

Set up an application with Webpack Create components in React Integrate Redux into a React Application Develop an application from scratch with React / Redux Develop a full-stack Javascript application Apply good development practices Requirements It is important for the student to know the basics of Javascript It is important for the student to know the basics of HTML Description  

Detail of React and Redux Fundamentals

The main goal of a software developer is undoubtedly building applications, so how about building two absolute zero applications using the main web framework on the market? The purpose of this course is to guide you step by step in building two complete applications, but if you are still getting started in the world of React, it’s okay because before we get into application development, there will be several exercises to teach the basics of Webpack. , React, Redux and the entire ecosystem involved in the process. Including backend technologies such as Node, Express, and MongoDB. We’ll talk from the basics, showing the first steps, to complex subjects like dynamic form generation and middleware. 100% practical course, but always making clear the essential concepts for the student to learn the principles associated with the practice.

  I’m sure this course will give you a very robust insight into Javascript web development! Be very welcome!

Who is the target audience?
  1. Javascript programmers who want to learn how to develop professional applications 2.Programmers wishing to learn React Programmers wishing to learn React with Redux 3. Programmers wishing to learn how to develop an application from scratch

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